Are You Struggling With Poor SLEEP or Feelings of STRESS, Panic or Anxiety? Are You Struggling to RELAX WITHOUT SUBSTANCES in Stressful Times?


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✅ Better Sleep 


✅ Less Feelings of Stress, Anxiety or Panic


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✅ Relax Without Substances 


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Stress Release Physiotherapy is Owned and Operated by Fiona Young. A Physiotherapist Who Works in the Specialist Areas of; Mental Health and Wellbeing, Breathing Pattern Disorders / Hyperventilation, Sleep and Stress Release. 



Fiona has Helped 1000's of Clients Who Were Stressed, Overwhelmed or Too Busy Feel Better and find Peace Calm and Relaxation Without Substances



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✅ Individual (In Person or Zoom Sessions)


Group Workshops (In Person or Zoom Sessions)


Online 1 hour Courses 





✅ Alongside her 25 years of Experience Working in Wellbeing, Mental Health and Addictions and her Training in Physiotherapy, Breath Work, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, Fiona also has a love for this Work.


✅ Fiona has moved through this Exact Journey; from Feeling a Baseline of Tension and Anxiety to Feeling a Baseline of Relaxation and a Peace of Mind.


✅ She works from a Quiet, Peaceful, Tree Lined, Small Home Based Clinic located in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch.


✅ There is Good Parking and Access and You Can Get Started Now! Choose to Phone, Txt or Email Fiona to make an Appointment that Suits You; In Person, Zoom or Online Course.


✅ Fiona also runs a Weekly Clinic @ Motion Health in Sockburn and a Weekly Restorative Yoga Class from Christchurch East Yoga in New Brighton. 




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            P : 03 376 4588

            M : 021 186 2006

            E :

            F : 03 348 9228 

             All Enquiries Welcome by Email or Phone




Christchurch Clinics:

65 Major Hornbrook Rd, Mt Pleasant

57 Epsom Rd, Sockburn @ Motion Health 



Restorative Yoga Class:

Christchurch East Yoga; 36 Bowhill Rd, New Brighton

Tuesday 9 am - 10 am during School Term

Please Txt or Email to Register for Class






* Relaxation Techniques; Including Meditation,

   Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Guided Visualisation, EFT, Yoga, Exercise 

* Breathing Pattern Disorders/ Hyperventilation;

   assessment & treatment,Including Bradcliff Training

* Massage

* TRE; Trauma Release Exercise

* Exercise & Posture Rehabilitation

* Restorative Yoga and Restorative Yoga Classes

* Hypno Physio; Utilising the Mind to Help Heal the Body

* Wellness Coach / Relaxation Coach



OPTIONS To Get Started Now! email 


✅ Individual or Group Workshop


✅ In Person or Zoom Sessions


✅ 1 Hour Four Module Online Courses






About Fiona :


Registered Physiotherapist Fiona Young (aka 

the Breathing Physio) has a BSc Physiology,

B Physiotherapy, Dip Life Coaching and is

also a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.


Over the last Two Decades Fiona has Worked at ;
Anxiety Disorders Unit, Child and Family Mental Health,
Refugee and Migrant Service, Community Mental Health
Teams, Mabel Howard Clinic, Thorpe House Detox and
Stress Care Physiotherapy. She was also the
Physiotherapy Mental Health Guest Lecturer
at Otago University for 6 years.

Special Interest:


Relaxation Training


Stress and Anxiety


Breathing Pattern Disorders / Hyperventilation


Breathing and Sleep Relief


Wellbeing and Mental Health



Useful Links and FAQ's;


How do I know if I am Hyperventilating ?


How to Get Started Now So You Could Have;


 Better Sleep which means You Could Have Better Energy for Family, Work and the Activities You Love


Less Feelings of Stress which means You Could Have More Feelings of Peace


 Breathe Better which means You Could more easily access CALM


 Relax Without Substances which means you could feel More In Control in Stressful Times



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